7 Tips For The Perfect Intimate Wedding In Cornwall

7 Tips For The Perfect Intimate Wedding In Cornwall

Planning a perfect Cornish wedding is no mean feat. From drawing up the guest list to sending out invitations, finding a venue, an officiant, wedding dress, cake, food and drinks, it can be a lot for anyone to handle. An increasing number of couples are opting for micro weddings instead. This is further encouraged by the fact that this pandemic seems to still be raging and we might have to find a way to live with smaller gatherings. So, if you’re considering a micro wedding, whether you are on a budget, or you want a unique and intimate wedding, you are not alone. Lots of other couples have the same idea, so here are some tips on planning your perfect micro wedding. 

But first, let me share a bit with you about micro weddings: 

What Is A Micro Wedding?

A micro wedding is like a regular wedding but on a smaller scale. Usually hosting less than 30 guests, micro weddings are intimate affairs. They provide an option somewhere between an elopement and a traditional wedding. Fewer hassles, cost-saving, creativity and flexibility, all form part of the attraction of a micro wedding. They usually involve classic wedding features like a wedding dress, a cake and flowers, but on a smaller scale than big traditional weddings. 

Below are some tips to help you when planning your micro wedding

7 Tips For The Perfect Intimate Wedding In Cornwall

Set Your Budget

Perhaps the most significant advantage of a micro wedding, is that it cuts down on expenses. Spending less for some couples may mean that they can afford something else, like a honeymoon trip or a car with the money saved. Some other couples could opt for quality over quantity and choose aspects of their wedding where they can splurge with the savings. With fewer guests, such a couple may decide to go lavish on gourmet food or expensive wine.

7 Tips For The Perfect Intimate Wedding In Cornwall

Draw Up A Guest List with Your Partner 

A key feature of micro weddings is that it centres the preferences and choices of the couple. You must sit with your partner and decide the number of guests to invite. You may need to reduce the guest list to your nearest and dearest. This may not be easy, particularly if you have a large family and many friends or co-workers. To help with that, fix a number, for example, 20 or less and stick with it.

7 Tips For The Perfect Intimate Wedding In Cornwall

Expect Pushback

In restricting the number of people on your guest list, a lot of people are going to be excluded. Prepare your mind for disgruntled friends, family and co-workers who did not make the cut. Just remember, this is your special day, and the wishes of you and your spouse are most important. If you are confronted, confidently explain your decision (The pandemic is a good one most people will understand). Confidence is critical because, without it, you could easily cave into others’ wishes.

7 Tips For The Perfect Intimate Wedding In Cornwall

Find A Meaningful Location

Having a micro wedding gives you the unique opportunity to choose a location that means something to you and your partner. Take advantage of the few invitees to use a comfortable, distinct venue like your favourite restaurant, or a wine bar or even a spot by the beach. This is an opportunity to set the mood with an intimate venue and relax in an atmosphere of beauty.

7 Tips For The Perfect Intimate Wedding In Cornwall

Talk to Your Vendors on Time

We are in uncertain times. Lots of weddings are on hold, so the wedding industry has a massive backlog of weddings to handle. Once it’s safe to hold weddings again, there will be a rush. If you want to get the higher sought after vendors, you have to contact them quickly. As a Cornish Wedding Photographer, I have found the bookings for 2021 are far increased at this moment in time than they would have been a year ago. You don’t want all the best vendors to be booked out and have to settle for less.

7 Tips For The Perfect Intimate Wedding In Cornwall

Get Involved with Your Guests

One of the advantages of a micro wedding is that it allows the couple to interact personally with all the guests, on the day, and beyond. You can write a personalised thank you note for each guest and leave it at their place setting at the reception. Your guests should walk away from the event feeling appreciated.

7 Tips For The Perfect Intimate Wedding In Cornwall

Appoint A Coordinator

Though micro weddings are on a smaller scale than traditional weddings, they can still be stressful. Coordinating transportation, fielding calls and text messages, getting dressed, communicating with vendors, more of your wedding day tasks will require time and energy. Despite it being a smaller affair you may still choose to hire a wedding planner, this way, you’ll be able to relax as much as possible. After all, it’s your day!

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