How Should We Tell Our Guests That We Are Postponing Our Cornish Wedding?

How Should We Tell Our Guests That We’re Postponing Our Cornish Wedding?

It’s been quite the year, and we’re only in June. No one quite saw this coming, but here we are now. Due to the coronavirus crisis, social gatherings have been postponed worldwide. That means there’s been a pause on weddings here in Cornwall as well. If you’re a couple who’s been affected by this, please try to stay strong, you are not alone, and we will get through this.

Being something that does not happen often, you are most likely at a loss as to how to start, I’ve written this article to give you a few tips on how to tell your guests that you’re postponing your wedding. So, grab a nice cup of tea (something calming and relaxing like chamomile) and let’s dive right into it.

Talk To Your Suppliers

You’ve probably been holding out to see if things will get better. They probably are, but very slowly. Now, however, we’re almost at your wedding date with no end in sight. During this time you should keep in touch with your suppliers, they are just as worried as you and will appreciate you getting in touch. If you have alternate dates in mind, let them know so they can check their availability, if the date is available most suppliers will reschedule to the new date at no extra cost (Some may ask for a little extra if you’re moving from an out of season date to a prime Saturday in the height of the season). Remember all your suppliers have lost most of their income this year, some may have got government help, but others may not. I know full-time wedding suppliers who have taken up part-time work at local supermarkets to keep a roof over their heads and keep their business going (As have so many other people during this time), so please be mindful of that when it comes to discussing the finances of your day. Most will be as devastated as you are worried about yours and 30, 40, 50 maybe even more weddings just like yours. As a Cornish Wedding photographer it has been devastating for my business but I know we are all in this together.

Consult Your Wedding Party

As soon as you know, without a doubt that the date of your wedding will have to change, please contact your family and friends. This is relevant especially if some of them are footing the bills for some part of the festivities at your wedding. Let them know they’ll be a change and that you’ll communicate a future date as soon as you can.

Inform Your Guests

Next, talk to your guests about the date change. When you do contact them, make sure to let them know the reason for the change briefly, although most people will understand that it’s because of the virus right now. There are many ways that you could share the information with them. The following two are easy to do and will get your message out quite effectively too:

You could send an email announcing the change to your entire guest list. After that, give each member of your wedding party a list of guests to contact. They’re your friends and will be more than willing to help at this time. They’ll call each guest personally to check that they got your email announcement. 

You could also send a digital or formal postponement card. There are lots of apps that you could use, or you could check online for a format with a design that you like. Canva, for example, is a great app with free options. When done, you can download your card, print and send them out, or you could send them digitally. You can also upload them on your social media accounts for more visibility. 

Update Your Website

If you have a website for your wedding, you should make sure to add a note about your change of plans on your homepage. If you made the postponement card that we spoke about above, you could upload it too. As you make rearrangements and new plans, continue to keep your guests in the loop by updating the website. They’ll appreciate your effort.  

Celebrate Regardless

You might not feel like it right now, but you should still do something to commemorate your date. Your wedding won’t be held on that day any longer, but the date will always hold significance for you. You could enjoy your favourite bottle of wine and watch a movie at home as a way to acknowledge it. 

Stay Positive

Keep calm and don’t panic. If you have to postpone your wedding because of coronavirus, understand that things are out of your control and that everything will be okay. There’s a term called “Force Majeure” for a reason. Sometimes, life happens. What really matters is how you deal with it and come out the other side, it WILL make you stronger! Besides, what is most important is your bond with your partner, your friends and your family. Stay safe!

Don’t forget that when it comes to best photography for your Cornish wedding, we’ve got you covered here at Steven Rees Webb Photography. Till this blows over, keep safe and feel free to contact me with any questions you might have. I’d be glad to hear from you.   

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