9 Ways To Tell The World You Are Engaged

9 Ways to Tell the World You’re Engaged

The excitement that comes with saying yes to the love of your life is fantastic. You want to scream it from the rooftops and show everyone the sparkly new rock on your finger. I’m super happy for you! If you’re looking for ideas on how to go about telling the world you’re engaged, this post could help. Here are some great ways that you can share your good news with the world.

9 Ways To Tell The World You Are Engaged

A Couple’s Engagement Shoot

This is one of the traditional ways that people do it and is still relevant today. After booking their wedding photography with me, my couples will often book in a couples shoot at one of their favourite locations. This is often somewhere that is important to them or in their relationship, such as where they first met or where they proposed. For a lovely memorable couples shot at a location of your choice, you can contact me at Steven Rees Webb Photography and have a lasting memory of your engagement, to treasure and share with the world. Guaranteed brownie points with the older family members!

9 Ways To Tell The World You Are Engaged

A Picture of Your Ring

This is another popular way that you can announce that you’re engaged. A simple shot of your hands with your ring in focus like the image above will certainly leave no doubts. You can also have one with the ring in focus and you both out of focus in the background. 

9 Ways To Tell The World You Are Engaged

Little Help From A (Little) Friend

One of the popular ones these days is to get a custom t-shirt printed for your little one to wear for the photo, this is especially good if you are camera shy. “Mummy said yes” or “Coming soon, Mr and Mrs …” are a couple of ideas of you could come up with something more personalised.

9 Ways To Tell The World You Are Engaged

The Planned Engagement

This has to be arranged, so if its something you would like to hear more about, then do contact me with plenty of time before your proposal. I can watch from a distance as you propose to your partner and I can capture their reaction as they say yes! I’m a candid photographer and can be very discreet, your partner will have no idea. The picture you get will be genuine and a great way to share your news.

9 Ways To Tell The World You Are Engaged

Message In The Sand

The beaches in Cornwall are lovely. How about taking a trip there for your announcement? You could have the words “I said Yes” written in the sand or create them with the shells on the shore. You can also use driftwood and other bits and pieces to form the words. A lovely picture of you both next to that would look fantastic when used for your announcement. 

9 Ways To Tell The World You Are Engaged

An Emotional Message

You might have seen this type while scrolling through your own social media. A couple posting overlapped thumbprints or using hands to create a heart. There are other excellent ideas on apps like Pinterest that you could recreate. Your love will shine through, and you can include your ring in the pictures and the words “We’re engaged”. 

9 Ways To Tell The World You Are Engaged

If You Are A Coffee Fan

Adorn your coffee mugs with a message such as “I Said Yes” will send a clear message to anyone who sees them. It’ll signal loud and clear to everyone that you have some great news. 

On The Doorstep

If you aren’t really up to a serious trip, you could have your engagement announcement pictures taken right on your own doorstep. Use coloured chalk to write a beautiful message on the ground and stand behind it. If you can’t think of something quirky, the regular “I said yes” will get the message across. 

9 Ways To Tell The World You Are Engaged

A Newspaper Announcement

This is another traditional way of letting the world know you’re engaged. You’ll have to do this one alongside a personal announcement to your loved ones, however. Take a column out in the newspaper and advertise the good news. 

If you are looking for a Cornish wedding photographer who can give you some amazing photos for your announcement, get in touch and find out how I can help you create lasting memories. Here at Steven Rees Webb Photography, I love to help couples tell their beautiful love stories. I also do wedding photography, and all it takes is for you to contact me. I would be delighted to hear from you.

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