6 Amazing Cake Styles For Your Wedding Day

Besides finding a venue and selecting wedding apparel, choosing a wedding cake is one of the more important parts of wedding preparation. They serve as the focal point of your reception and can enhance the entire décor of the room. When chosen right, your wedding cake will amaze your guests and look great in every picture. Want to know about some of the most popular wedding cake styles for your special day? Then keep reading below!

Nude/Naked cakes

Although naked cakes aren’t for everyone, they make great focal points for outdoor summer weddings. With flowers and fresh fruits arranged skillfully on the un-iced cake, they give you a vintage look. So if you’re planning a small wedding in the countryside or aren’t a fan of fondant and buttercream, this style of cake might be perfect for your big day!

Floral wedding cakes

Floral wedding cakes are classic wedding cakes that remain a favourite of brides worldwide. With a white backdrop, you can have your cake decorated with any flower of your choice, from roses to sunflowers to peonies and even hydrangeas! And if you don’t want the traditional white wedding cake, you can go for cream, beige, or even yellow. For a very modern twist, blush florals painted over a dark-hued cake is a spectacular choice.

Tiered cakes

Most wedding cakes are tiered; however, a great way to make a statement at your wedding is with unique tiers that come together to create a distinctive and remarkable cake. Numerous floral details on the bottom tiers that become sparser on the middle tiers with even fewer details on the top tier is always a great style for tiered cakes. And the best part? Tiered cakes are big enough to go around!

Painted cakes

Hand-painted cakes are attractive cakes that allow you to add personal touches to them. Often, they are difficult to perfect and require great skill; hence it’s essential that you check the portfolio of the cake decorator before hiring them. For your wedding, you can go for lovely floral patterned paints or abstract patterns that perfectly suit your wedding theme.

Metallic cake

Metallic cakes are elegant, sophisticated cakes with a modern feel. With their glittering finish of bronze, silver, and gold, they take on a surreal and perfect appearance that leaves you reluctant to slice them. Metallic cakes look great in a hall or outside in the open. To make them the ideal centrepiece, go for a tall design with five to six layers!

Lace cakes

Besides flowers, nothing screams wedding more than lace. Lacy cakes are elegant cakes with lots of fascinating details. This style can turn any cake from plain and unattractive to glamorous and vintage in no time.

Tips for choosing a wedding cake

  • When choosing your wedding cake, keep your venue in mind. This will help you make the right choice between a modern or classic style.
  • Hire a baker who bakes your style of cake. While some bakers are spectacular with buttercream icing, some are better with fondant. When seeking a baker to ensure you hire a reliable one, keep this in mind.
  • Lastly, consider your number of guests to ensure the cake is big enough to go around.

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