How to Have an Unplugged Wedding Ceremony

An unplugged ceremony is where only the professional wedding photographer is allowed to take photos. This is different from regular ceremonies where guests can capture something at the wedding at any time that they please. At an unplugged wedding ceremony, guests are asked to switch off their phones during the wedding. 

The advent of mobile phones has changed the way we live. Weddings photos have also been impacted because mobile phones come with cameras. Guests can snap away as they want and capture many perspectives. 

However, if you’re not a big fan of guests using phones at your wedding, that is okay. You can have an unplugged wedding ceremony. It comes with excellent benefits, some of which I’ve listed below. 

The Benefits of An Unplugged Wedding Ceremony

Being able to capture guests at weddings is no mean feat. That job becomes extra hard at a wedding where mobile phones are allowed. Many Cornish wedding photographers have been left gritting their teeth. It is easy for guests to get in the way of crucial shots or block essential moments. 

Another scenario is where a group wedding shot is taken. With so many cameras available, guests can find it challenging to know which to look at. The flashes from different mobile phones could also ruin your wedding photo lighting.

An unplugged ceremony is also a great way to keep your guests attention. With the use of mobile phones barred, they can relax and see that day through your eyes. From the bride marching down the aisle to the signing of the certificate, your guests would be enthralled. 

How to Tell Your Guests You Want an Unplugged Wedding Ceremony

There are many ways you could inform your guests that your wedding will be unplugged. Many couples get their celebrant to tell everyone at the start of their marriage ceremony. You could also include a note talking about it in your programs or order of service. Signs around your venue could say the same thing too. 

If you’re still a little worried about proceeding and informing your guests, the following could help.

Communicate Clearly

You need to specify the boundaries of your no-camera rule. Will they be allowed to take pictures at any point? Does this rule apply to your ceremony and reception or just the reception? Clarifying things like this will make the whole process easier to handle. 

Create Specific Photo Opportunities

If you have an unplugged wedding, create specific photo opportunities. These opportunities are the times when people are allowed to take pictures. They could happen after the signing of your guest book or register. You could also create fun photo moments as part of your reception.

The use of mobile phones at weddings has the potential to be very intrusive and disruptive. With an unplugged wedding ceremony, you can avoid all this. Your Cornish wedding photographer won’t have to politely tell people to move out of the picture frame. 

As a photographer, I often set up a shot for myself, and then after getting the photo the couple has trusted me to capture, I will invite guests to come up and take their own.

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