How to Keep Your Guests Busy While You Take Photos After Your Ceremony

The photos you’ll take after your ceremony are an essential part of your Cornish wedding day. It’s when your photographer will most likely use the time to capture the group shots of you and your wedding party. There is, however, a bit of an issue that couples often have with this. Guests are most times not a part of this photo session, so they’re left behind, this creates downtime between your wedding ceremony and your wedding reception.

So how then do you keep your guests busy while you take photos after your ceremony?

Here are a few suggestions that can help you turn that downtime into fun-time.

Serve Drinks

From champagne to cocktails, drinks are always welcome at a party. Start your wedding reception party early by offering drinks during this quiet time. It will give your guests a chance to mingle, catch up and have fun while waiting for you. Champagne always goes down well with guests, and the cocktails can be a colourful addition to your wedding theme, this is the reason it’s known as the “cocktail hour” across the pond.

Introduce Some Games

From lawn darts to a game of croquet, there are so many games that can keep your guests occupied while you have your pictures taken. You can even provide scrabble, crossword puzzle or a word search that you customise to your wedding and your relationship. The result will keep your guests so engrossed in having fun that you can take as much time as you need for your pictures.

Hire A Photo Booth

If you have a photo booth at your wedding, this is a great time to put it to use. Have an attendant usher your guests in to have loads of fun and have quirky photos taken of themselves. It’s a great way to get everyone involved and have your guests mingle. They’ll bond over their photos being taken plus the images can also double as wedding favours. The best kind of photo booth is one that allows your guests to print their pictures or emails it immediately to them instantly.


Everyone loves to have pictures of themselves. A caricature puts a fun twist on these that many of your guests will love. While your photos are being taken, your guests can get something fun of them as a lasting memory of the day. Many of these caricatures have been known to end up on the family portrait wall serving as the perfect wedding memento.


I was always fascinated by magic as a child, and like most childhood interests, it faded as I got older. You may not know that magic is alive and well in Cornwall and you can have a magician perform at your wedding and amaze your guests. It will be a massive hit with children and adults alike and is bound to be a talking point amongst your guests.

Hire A Pianist

This one depends on the venue, some of the wedding venues in Cornwall (Carlyon Bay Hotel, St Austell being one) have pianos available for use during the downtime in the afternoon. Why not hire a professional pianist to create the perfect atmosphere while your guests enjoy drinks and snacks. Be sure to choose a list of your favourite music if you have any for the pianist to play for that more personal touch.

Axe Throwing

Yes, you read it right, Axe Throwing! Providing you have enough outdoor space, you can hire this exciting activity for your wedding. There are several companies in Cornwall that can provide this for you, and I can guarantee it will be popular with your guests and be a lasting memory of the day, for all the right reasons (No loss of limbs here)!

Something Even More Unexpected

For this, you could set the mood for your reception with some exceptional music. Something different from the DJ you have ready to get you all to party hard. This could be Mariachi singers, a Spanish guitar player or even a fire dance performance (Check that this is okay with your venue first). Things like these are sure to keep your guests distracted enough for you to sneak away and back without them noticing.

Are you still looking for that perfect Cornish wedding photographer? While deciding on which of the above activities to incorporate into your wedding timeline, why not take a look at my portfolio or find out what’s included in my most popular wedding package, either way, I would love to hear about your day and what you have planned so far. Why not send me a message so we can chat about your big day and see if I can help you with the planning?

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