How to Prepare for Quickly Changing Weather on Your Wedding Day

Have you always pictured golden sands, fiery sunset skies, and a relaxed, laid-back, and romantic atmosphere on your Cornish wedding day? Outdoor weddings and especially beachfront weddings are loved for their natural backdrop and the fresh sea air.

However, there’s a problem that tends to arise when planning these kinds of weddings, especially in Cornwall. In the summer, you’ll most likely be fine, but the winter weather is not so certain, where there’s more of a risk of rain putting a downer on your otherwise perfect day. Too much sunshine and wind could also prove disruptive to your wedding, especially if you are spending most of the day outdoors. Beautiful sun and clear skies are the dreams, and every couple prays for them, but nothing is guaranteed. 

You have a contingency plan for most things on the day, right? Now would be the perfect time to consider how you would deal with bad weather on your wedding day to reduce the stress, should the worst happen and the heavens open. 

Here are some ways that you can prepare for quickly changing weather at your dream Cornish wedding.

Choose Your Venue Carefully

Choosing the right venue for your wedding is essential. It can be the difference between you having a beautiful wedding or a boring one. When it comes to being affected by the weather, a venue with a bare and dusty ground might not be such a good idea. If you're planning your wedding for the winter season then mostly outdoor venues might not be the ideal first choice. Ask your venue coordinator what contingencies they have in place for the Cornish rain, especially if you’re planning on having the ceremony outdoors. Make sure the venue of choice has both a great outdoor and indoor space. The indoor area is a good plan B for if there’s a sudden downpour. It should also come as part of the package that you pay for (remember to confirm this with your venue or decoration hire company).

Choose Décor That Can Withstand Any Weather

Light décor and floral materials are often the first to fly away when there’s wind or heavy rain. Your venue may have more weatherproof decorations that come included in the price providing the theme is suitable. If you are using your own decorations then avoid paper-based decorations on the outdoor areas, there are some fantastic looking plastic flowers/garlands/decorations available these days that are very realistic and won’t be losing petals or looking sad if the wind picks up. Make sure any larger decorations that you supply yourself are adequately secured to the ground as there’s a small person at every wedding that will be determined to check the security of all your freestanding décor.

Keep Your Guests Informed

If you are sure there will be bad weather on your wedding day, don’t forget to inform your guests beforehand. If you have a wedding website or an email dedicated to your wedding, you could use these to give them a heads up. This is especially important if you feel providing umbrellas for all your guests is a bit too expensive. They’ll be happy to come with theirs and will appreciate being told beforehand.

Be Flexible With The Time

Lots of your guests will be more empathetic than you can imagine. Don’t end up spending what should be a happy day for you stressed about the weather. They’ll probably be a lot more bothered about you not having the wedding day of your dreams. So, you can be a little flexible with your times. If you’re sure the rain will pass, then consider waiting for it to clear and proceed with your ceremony after, but set a cut off time so that you don’t risk pushing the rest of the day over time.

Provide Appropriate Refreshments

Whether the problem is hot weather or rain, you can show your guests that you care by providing them with thoughtful refreshments. Lots of cold water and soft drinks can keep your guests hydrated adequately for a hot and sunny day. For cold weather include warm beverages like tea, coffee, and hot chocolate, these will go down a treat.

Let the Weather Inspire Your Outfits and Accessories

This is usually easier for the guests because they have enough time to come up with an outfit change and select the appropriate wear for the weather. However, you as the wedding couple might have to get creative with your wears and that of your wedding party. A cute pair of wellies for you and your wedding party could make all the difference if the weather takes a turn for the worse. You could also use umbrellas that match your wedding’s colour scheme. The best part, all these will make for excellent photoshoot props too!

Hire A Weather-Appropriate Tent

If you fall in love with a venue that does not have a plan B for the weather, or you’d still love to be outside for your wedding come rain or shine, weather-appropriate tents can be an excellent investment. Marquee tents, for example, will withstand everything the Cornish weather has to offer and are great for outdoor events. They will protect your guests from getting wet in the rain and are useful against scorching sunshine too. They’ll also preserve your décor from being blown away by the wind.

Have A Backup Plan

As soon as you set a date for your dream Cornish wedding, as mentioned previously, it’s an excellent time to have a Plan B. Prepare for everything that could happen, even a tornado! Okay, that might be a little extreme, but you get what I mean. Planning will help to make your day go more smoothly, even if everything goes without a hitch, it will stop you from panicking about the weather spoiling your special day. The tent idea above could come in very handy, and you could also organise an usher to escort your guests from their cars to your venue with an umbrella (I find this is always a big hit with guests)

Don’t Stress!

I’ve said this before, but it’s so important I made it a topic on its own. Try not to stress too much about the weather, with the right mindset and planning, rain or shine your wedding will be a day to remember for decades to come and this brings us to the final topic.

Work with The Right Photographer

The right photographer can take whatever the Cornish weather throws at them and still produce stunning photographs for you to treasure for the rest of your life. There are even shots possible on a rainy day that you can’t get any other time. Choosing the right photographer for your Cornish wedding is one of the essential parts of the planning process.

If you are still looking for the right Cornish wedding photographer for your special day, then why not check out my portfolio. I believe that the best wedding photography is candid, documenting the fantastic day as it was in the moment, be that the first glances, beautiful smiles, laughs or tears. If you feel the same, then I think we will be a great match. Get in touch to find out if I’m available on your date.

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