9 Sweet Ideas for Your Cornish Wedding Dessert Table

Weddings in Cornwall can be fun and exciting. Especially now that couples are coming up with more ways to make the experience better for their guests. One of those ways is the dessert table. Have you heard of dessert tables? They are the perfect way to satisfy your guests’ sweet tooth at your wedding. The best part is that they can be quite inexpensive. The problem usually lies in choosing what option to go for, and I think I can help with that.

Here are nine wedding dessert table ideas that your guests will love:

Mini Donuts

Donuts in your favourite flavours would certainly be a hit at your Cornish wedding. Cupcakes used to do the trick in times past, but they’ve become somewhat regular now. So have a lovely and fun display of mini doughnuts on a stick to give your wedding a fun and relaxed vibe. Your guests will love it. 

A Charcuterie Board

A platter of chutneys, cheese, and biscuits is sure to win you favours with your guests that don’t really fancy sugary delights. They’ll keep coming back for more as your reception progresses and this will keep your dessert table busy and fun. You can even have a cheese wedding cake to perfect the idea. Weddings in Cornwall with lots of cheese are always fun. 

Go the French Way

Up the class at your Cornish wedding with a lovely display of French Patisserie. Some options to include are Macarons, eclairs, and tarts. Guests who have been to Paris will be enthralled and reminded of the lovely experience. Others will just fall in love with the stunning view and exquisite taste. Your wedding’s dessert table would be the talk of the town. 

Lots of Chocolate

Chocolate is always a win with guests so you can use this option for your Cornish wedding dessert table. From chocolate fountains to truffles, you can play with this idea in any way you wish. You can even have chocolate cupcakes served. 

Go Vintage

Vintage weddings in Cornwall will benefit from this idea, as it would fit right in with the theme. Have a retro sweetshop set up as your dessert table and watch guests have a good time at your wedding. You can fill it up with all sorts of sugary treats and let your guest have paper bags to fill with the options they like. This can also double as your Cornish wedding favours. 

Let Your Loved Ones Chip In

If you’re having your Cornish wedding on a tight budget, this idea would be just perfect. Ask your loved ones to chip in by bringing some baked goods for your dessert table. They could also chip in with sugary treats if you prefer those. All you’ll need to provide are stands and serving dishes. 

Serve Coffee and Cake

This would work for winter weddings in Cornwall and weddings in other seasons of the year too. You can even include it as part of the idea above, just bring the coffee. It’s an excellent alternative for guests who don’t take alcohol as they’d be able to enjoy a drink at your wedding too. 

Set Up An English Tea Party

You can serve shortbread and other lovely options alongside tea in fine china teapots and cups. A lovely cup of Earl Grey would be enjoyed at a Cornish winter wedding and is perfect if your wedding theme is classic. You can even make things more authentic by using the traditional gingham table cloth. 

Ice Cream

Both adults and kids would be excited to have this dessert table option at your Cornish wedding. Who doesn’t love ice cream? You can have vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and mint variety and even serve them in cones. The queues will be long for this one, especially if you’re having a kid-friendly Cornish wedding.

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