The First Steps To Picking A Wedding Venue

So, you or your partner have popped the question, how exciting! Congratulations from me here at Steven Rees Webb Photography! One of the first steps in your wedding planning journey, after you’ve enjoyed your engagement for a bit, is selecting your wedding venue.
With so many lovely venues to choose from here in Cornwall, you might be a little stuck on how to get started. Not to worry, I’m here to give you a nudge in the right direction. Here are some tips for picking the right venue for your dream Cornish wedding.

What’s Your Budget?

The first step when it comes to your wedding planning is to set your budget. Decide on how much you intend to spend, how much is being contributed by loved ones and how much you have in total.

After that, you can allocate costs to categories for your wedding based on the research and priority. The amount you allocate for your wedding venue will help you look at venues that are only within your price range and make things easier and save a lot of time and heartache of looking at the ones that are out of your budget.

Put Together Your Guest List

Whether you’re going for a large wedding with the whole family, distant relatives and all your friends or a smaller intimate wedding with those close friends and family, the size of your wedding will dictate the size of the venue. You will find some of the smaller venues will not be able to cater for your 100+ guest list and although some larger one will be able to host as many as you can think of there is no point paying for capacity you aren’t going to use. A large venue will also require more decorating and planning, costing even more in the long run.

Another thing to also consider is your guests’ comfort. How’s the parking at the venue? Is there overnight accommodation for those who have travelled from out of the area? Once you’ve made your list and chosen a venue, try to avoid slowly adding on extra guests. Sticking to your guest list will help you avoid a lot of headaches and heartaches down the road.

What Do You Imagine Your Wedding To Be?

Shut your eyes for a minute and think about your dream wedding. What do you picture? Is it taking place outside in the rolling Cornish countryside, on the beach with the sand between your toes or one of Cornwall’s many stunning wedding venues? What does your partner picture when they think about their dream wedding? 

Find a way to make a decision that takes both your dreams into account. If you don’t have the same idea, then mix and match from both your dreams to create something made for both of you. If you do settle on an outdoor wedding, please remember to confirm that the venue has a plan B in case of bad weather. You can also check out our post on “How to Prepare For Quickly Changing Weather On Your Wedding Day” as a way to arm yourself.

Choose Your Wedding Theme

Let’s say you’ve set your mind on a garden wedding surrounded by plants and flowers. A ballroom wedding venue won’t be able to give you that. Yes, some kickass wedding décor can probably pull it off, but think of how much you’d have to spend when you could have your wedding at a garden wedding venue instead.

That’s why considering your chosen theme when choosing a wedding venue is essential. Your wedding venue has to have aesthetics that fit with your preferred style.

Consider The Photo Opportunities

By now, you already know that your wedding photos are important because they’ll help you preserve the memories of that special day. In choosing your wedding venue, you should also keep your photos in mind by selecting a venue with great locations for your pictures. You could also ask your Cornish Wedding Photographer for ideas on venues with great photo opportunities. Venues with lakes, gardens, grand staircases, and feature windows are usually photography gold. 

Speaking of Cornish Wedding Photographers, my name is Steven. I’m a candid wedding photographer in Cornwall. I’m based in St. Austell and I cover weddings in Cornwall and beyond. If you’re looking for a wedding photographer with a good eye for details and a passion for awesome wedding pictures, then you should contact me. I’d love to hear from you.

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