Trash The Dress Explained and 8 Ideas to Inspire You

Now that you’re officially married, it’s time to decide what to do with your dress. Do you want to store it, sell it or maybe still put it on a couple more times in future? The choice is yours.
Some couples, however, feel like they’re done with the dress and want to let it go. If you’re considering doing the same, how about having a trash the dress photoshoot?

You might not be familiar with the “trash the dress” term, which is understandable as it is not as popular in the UK as it is over in the US. Traditionally trash the dress shoot is done in the weeks after the wedding, where the bride (can also include the groom) will wear her wedding dress in unlikely locations such as in the sea, in a muddy forest, waterfalls or abandoned buildings. The dress will usually get wet and dirty or even stained and ripped if you are feeling adventurous. However, you can get some stunning photos without actually ruining the dress too much.
You could even have a trash the dress photo shoot without trashing your actual wedding dress. All you have to do is buy a cheaper second-hand dress at a local shop or online.

If you like this idea, then you’re in the right place. Here are some lovely ideas that you can use for a beautiful trash the dress photoshoot.

While you may gasp in horror at getting your much loved dress dirty there's no denying that a trash the dress photoshoot makes for stunning photos.

Steven's Photography Tip

A Nature Photoshoot

Nature is an excellent canvass for a trash the dress photoshoot in Cornwall. Your Cornish wedding photographer can set up any of the following:

A Shoot at The Beach

A beach is an excellent place for a wedding. It can be used for your trash the dress photoshoot too. The exception is that this time, you can do all the things you couldn’t have done on your wedding day. Roll in the sand, surf the waves or sit by some rocks together. It’s a great way to celebrate your love.

A Waterfall Shoot

You could head over to St. Nectan’s Glen, Golitha falls or Luxulyan for your trash the dress shoot. Having an image of you with the water in the background would be stunning. If you love the beach and this waterfall idea, you could go to Tregardock Beach. There’s a waterfall cascading over the mouth of a cave on the northern end of the beach. 

A Forest Shoot

A forest trash the dress photoshoot would look amazing, especially in the winter. You could make use of the moody atmosphere and the fog. Play among the trees while having your images captured. Just remember that the bottom of your wedding dress will probably be ruined after this.

A Farm Shoot

A trash the dress photoshoot in the Cornish countryside will undoubtedly have a lot of charm. If you have kids, you can make this a fun family day out and have fun in the mud. It’s okay if it’s just the two of you too. 

A Photo Shoot with Life Events

Life happens quickly and before you know it, many days after your wedding has passed. It could even be many years, and your dress has been in the closet the whole time. You can still do your trash the dress photo shoot now. Here is a way to incorporate some of the events that happen after your wedding into it.

Your Honeymoon

You could pack your dress with you while going on your honeymoon. Rather than spending money to have your dress dry cleaned after your wedding, go with it. While on your honeymoon, you can have your trash the dress photoshoot. It’ll make your honeymoon even more memorable. 

Your First Anniversary

You can mark your first anniversary in an even more unique way by doing a trash the dress photoshoot at any of the fantastic locations above.

Your Kids

There are many lovely ways that you can involve your kids in your trash the dress photoshoot. It’s a beautiful chance for a family photo and a fun day out. You can put this picture side by side with your wedding pictures to show the difference. Who knows, you could even end up making a viral “Then and Now” post using them on your social media. People enjoy seeing such changes side by side.

Your Pet

This idea is about the same as with the one above. Pets are our fur babies, after all. Involve them in your photoshoot. You won’t have to be worried about having fur stuck in your dress or a muddy paw. You are trashing it after all.

Here at Steven Rees Webb Photography, I’d love to work with you to achieve a fantastic trash the dress photoshoot. If you’re also looking for an excellent Cornish wedding photographer for your ceremony, or want an engagement session, I can do those too. Contact me today!

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