UPDATED: UK Wedding Dates to Avoid in 2023 & 2024

Choosing your wedding date is one of the first steps in your wedding planning. If you’re looking at having your wedding between now and 2024, there are some dates you will probably want to avoid.
Some of those dates may be avoided for personal reasons, or you may want to avoid a specific date because it comes with a spike in prices or it’s a public holiday. Some couples even choose to avoid a date because it’s a bad omen, like “Friday the 13th”.

Whichever you decide, here are some days you might want to avoid when planning your Cornish wedding.

If you have your eye on a particular supplier that you REALLY want to have at your wedding then you will want to make sure that your chosen date is available with them, you could ask them what their availability is, but you will probably find it easier to give them a list of your shortlisted dates and let them get back to you with which ones they can do.

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Months with ‘Friday the 13th’ Dates to Avoid

2022: May

2023: January & October

2024: September & December

Major Sports Dates for The Next Three Years

Imagine getting married during a Champions League Final night. You can bet the groomsmen will be sneaking a look at their phones during your wedding, the groom might even be tempted to do the same too. With lots of sporting events being postponed this year, you should watch out for those if you have your wedding set for 2022/2023/2024. 


The Winter Olympic Games are planned between Friday 4th February and Sunday 20th February, Sunday the 6th February is the Super Bowl, although not as popular in the UK as it is over in the US it is beginning to pick up more and more fans in the UK. Moving onto the Winter Paralympic Games which is being held between Friday 4th March to Sunday 13th March. The Commonwealth Games are from Wednesday 27th July to Sunday 7th August and the FIFA World Cup is from Monday 21st November to Sunday 18th December.


Super Bowl is hosted on Sunday 5th February this year, this year we have the Cricket World Cup which is being held between Thursday the 9th of February to Sunday the 26th of March, the European Games Friday 9th June to Sunday 25th June, and perhaps more popular you have the Rugby World Cup which falls between Friday 8th September and Saturday 21st October. Finally, for 2023 between Sunday the 22nd of October and Sunday the 5th of November, we have the Pan American Games.


Sunday the 11th of February we have the Super Bowl, this year we also have the UEFA Euro 2024 which is scheduled between Friday the 14th of June and Sunday the 14th of July. Wimbledon will be coming to use at some point from June to July but exact dates have not been set yet. We have the Summer Olympics from Friday the 26th of July to Sunday the 11th of August and finally the Paralympic Games between Wednesday the 28th of August to Sunday the 8th of September.

Personal Dates to Avoid

These could be birthdays, weddings, big anniversaries and other significant days for you or those in your family. Your wedding date should not evoke bad memories or cause tension, especially in your extended family. One of the easiest ways to check friends and family birthdays is to look on Facebook, click here to visit the birthday section of your Facebook profile.

Major Public Holidays for The Next Three Years

Sometimes, couples aim to hold their weddings on particular public holidays. The August bank holiday is quite popular with couples when it comes to this. So, if you’re looking to get married on a public holiday, you’re not alone. 

Some other couples want to avoid these dates. This is because they feel their guests could be held up somewhere else, and they want to avoid forcing people into making a change of plans. Whatever your reasons, here are some significant public holiday dates in the next three years to watch out for. 

For 2022

  • Mother’s Day (Sunday 27th of March)
  • Easter Celebrations (16th to the 17th of April)
  • Early May Bank Holiday Weekend (1st to the 3rd of May)
  • Spring Bank Holiday (Moved for Queen's Platinum Jubilee) (Thursday the 2nd of June)
  • Extra Bank Holiday (for Queen's Platinum Jubilee) (Friday the 3rd of June)
  • The Queen’s Birthday (Saturday 11th of June)
  • Father’s Day (Sunday 19th of June)
  • Bank Holiday Weekend (27th to 29th August)
  • Halloween (Monday 31st of October)
  • Guy Fawkes Night (Saturday 5th November)

For 2023

  • Bank Holiday (Substitute for New Year’s Day) (Monday 2nd January)
  • St David’s Day (Tuesday 1st March)
  • St Patrick’s Day (Friday 17th March)
  • Mother’s Day (Sunday 19th March)
  • Good Friday, Easter Weekend, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday (Friday 7th April – Monday 10th April)
  • Early May Bank Holiday Weekend (Saturday 29th April – Monday 1st May)
  • April Fools’ Day (Saturday 1st April)
  • Spring Bank Holiday Weekend (Saturday 27th – Monday 29th May)
  • Father’s Day (Saturday 18th June)
  • Bank Holiday Weekend (Saturday 26th – Monday 28th August)
  • Halloween (Tuesday 31st October)
  • Guy Fawkes Night (Sunday 5th November)
  • Remembrance Day (Saturday 11th November)

For 2024

  • St David’s Day (Friday 1st March)
  • Mother’s Day (Sunday 10th March)
  • St Patrick’s Day (Sunday 17th March)
  • Good Friday, Easter Weekend, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday (Friday 29th March – Monday 1st April)
  • April Fools Day (Monday 1st April)
  • Early May Bank Holiday Weekend (Saturday 4th – Monday 6th May)
  • Spring Bank Holiday Weekend (Saturday 25th – Monday 27th May)
  • Father’s Day (Sunday 16th June)
  • Bank Holiday Weekend (Saturday 24th – Monday 26th August)
  • Halloween (Thursday 31st October)
  • Guy Fawkes Night (Tuesday 5th November)
  • Remembrance Sunday (Sunday 10th November)

The key with these dates is to choose one that has significance to you and confirm that it’s free of any other festivities. Best of luck!

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